The Alesis Monolithic/Integrated Surface™ Audio Console is a 16 channel, two buss audio mixing console which features the new Integrated Monolithic. Alesis Mixing Desk, Music Technology, Jul I’m on the lookout for a mixer. MY FUNDS ARE LIMITED and I have had the offer of a used alesis mixer: PRICE UK pounds. Looking at the spec of the.

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The explosion in “affordable” digital reverb units looks set to be followed by a similar explosion in “affordable” mixing desks. Well, I was sufficiently impressed but my needs back at last year’s BMF were great and urgent and I couldn’t wait until the production models – or even a review model – came rolling off the line.

Mixer is expensive to repair as most parts are circuit board mounted. Previous Article in this issue Yamaha SY Hi what do you know? If it holds up and works for you, that’s all you can hope for. Again, I suspect this was a necessity forced on it by the monolithic circuit board. Previous article in this issue: Underneath the sends are the routing switches which send the signal to the Master or Sub Master, and below these are Mute and Solo switches.

Alesis channel Rack Mountable Audio Mixer Console | eBay

Someone is selling it in my area and I’m wondering what it’s all about. Again, I assume this is due to the internal layout of the board. My motives however, I admit, weren’t completely altruistic in wanting to bring you, dear MT reader, the low-down on one of the latest pieces of hi-tech gear. I have one really old mono Yamaha job that is probably among the worst mixers ever. The manual is also keen to demonstrate its usefulness with an eight-track recorder – this is quite feasible, too, although it’s not quite as ideal as an eight-buss mixer and a certain amount of repatching may be necessary.


You may think this non-essential but the unit is so quiet you could well need reassurance that it is switched on. The pots are small but very usable.

Check out here and at http: And if that sounds attractive to you, you know what to do. I have the Does anyone have a picture or description of this mixer?

Faders have a bad feel.

Alesis 1622 16-channel Rack Mountable Audio Mixer Console

Gear in this article: Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. It may be just alssis you need, but on the other hand The four post-fade sends may seem like overkill but there are many home studio owners with more alesiss two effects units or who would simply like the flexibility of more than two sends.

Below this is a giant Master Volume control dial. Here we also find the Tape In sockets which let you monitor the mixdown signal without repatching – thoughtful. Once the red LEDs start to peak there’s little headroom left before the signal distorts.


Alesis | Harmony Central

Buying used isn’t always better or always worse than new. It looks like a decent mixer.

Doesn’t sound that great. If you’re working in stereo with four synths or expanders then that’s an eight-channel mixer swallowed whole. Let’s work our way down one of the channels. Noise is the bane of all our lives – unwanted noise that is – and any piece of equipment with such a low level of inherent noise is to be welcomed.

It can be used flat or mounted into a rack. It returns more than well subwoofers and treble.

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Alesis makes and has made decent gear, but their mixers have not earned good reputations. Next are the sends – two pre-fades and four postfades.

Channels one to eight also have Direct Outs which could feed an eight-track recorder in such an application, the tape outs would go to channels nine to Write a user review Ask for a user review.