Am primit o notificare de la ANAF ca sunt neconcordante intre CA din si livrarile din decont pe anul Mentionez ca societatea. internet al ANAF-ului. Programul de asistenţă pentru completarea D este realizat sub forma unui fişier pdf inteligent. Pentru utilizarea acestui program de. MUST interface with the IT systems of the other institutions ANAF is in – Decont de taxă pe valoarea adăugată conform OPANAF nr.

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Prescribed substances will not be moved from the authorised installation without prior approval of the Licensing Authority. In case natural ventilation is insufficient, air blowers shall be used; otherwise, respiratory protection of the appropriate type shall be worn by thq painters. TrT sfri; 3 T? Search the eecont of over billion web pages on the Internet. No modifications in the installation shall be made without prior approval of the Licensing Authoity.

Services Group ‘C’ Period of deputation including period of deputa- 3. Tojine b Rolling Cost Rs. Pockets shall not he provided unnecessarily. On soils with a pH value above 7. Means of access shall be portable ladder, ramp or a stairway. Only quick acting value shall be used in this line.

Pressure vessels and plants 1 General: Terra cotta with occasional single white bands.

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Production and harvesting of crops can increase the amount of nitrogen which may safely be dfcont to land, and grasses have been very commonly used for this purpose. Reference numbers in this review refer to the bibliography, Part 11, Section A. Canteens 1 Adequate canteen facility shall he piov d.

Rinno mentioned Iron chlorosis in “sewage-sick” soils and attributes It to copper and zinc toxicity.

Cost per unit generated shall be worked out with reference to the net units of power “. The emergency plan and the result of the drills shall be reviewed from time to time.


Reeves found large numbers of col iforms and the presence of pathogenic genera in compost made from sewage sludge and sawdust. There is some information, however, on the effect of lime additions to sludge for conditioning prior to de-watering and filtering on the properties of the sludge resulting. Siiituhk instructions shall be displayed. I3 A wash loom shall be prov ded adjacent to the cieche for washing of the chilJien thcmscKes and their clothing. This would depend on whether there was unreacted aluminum or iron in the sludge and would also be affected by the organic matter added.

The gong or horn shall always be in service when ihe cianc is in mot on; I hereby certify that,— a all the statements made above are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. This review was undertaken largely to determine where knowledge is lacking for ecologically safe and agriculturally productive application of sludges, particularly those sludges resulting from the chemical treat- ment of sewage for nutrient removal.

I — Prior to th: Even after drying, there appears to be some danger of sludge floating off the fields in flash floods if it is left on the soil surface of sloping land.

The radiological safety officer and the safety officer shall be provided with requisite facilities to discharge their duties deocnt functions. They believed that the organisms Esch. Provisions of relevant fire safety rules and regulations shall be applied.

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One of these chemicals will be added at the primary or recont stage of treatment. Non-speaking tools shall always be used in opening rrxetal drums containing alkali metals. Utilities; a Water b Power c Others to be specified 3. It appears that air-drying does not kill ascaris eggs and probably not hookworm eggs.

ana Wire Drawing a Variable b Fixed 2. Installation for which licence is being applied for, 4. At high rates of sludge application, limed sludge could have advantages as one would probably want to keep the phosphorus and heavy metals as unavailable as possible because of the danger of groundwater pollution and metal toxicities.

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Where sludge Is used In this latter sol 1-bui Idlng role the rates applied are usually extremely high HarropMerzScanlon If one of the nutrients or heavy metals is the limiting factor in sludge application rates a very large margin of safety will be required where the concentra- tion of that particular nutrient or metal in the sludge can vary several hundred percent from day to day or week to week.

I Statement showing the value of work-in-progress at the end of the year.

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Nickel has more commonly been considered as the cause, however. Daca nu aveti deja cont de Facebook il puteti crea de aici https: There is a large amount of information on the application of lime to soils and the resulting effects on nutrient availability. In the ‘s sewage sludge was of interest to agriculture as a source of scarce nutrients. Most of these studies have dealt with irrigation of sewage effluent rather than sludge.

Piorci- piucediircs for the same shall be laid down and eonsp aioLisly displayed in the Kandlins areas, e Appropriate lire extinguishers in sufficient numbers shall be piovided m the handling areas.

Radiation safety measures which will be taken at the time of termination of anaaf ;— i Proposed date of completion of work, ii Steps that will be taken to restore normal conditions at site, on termination of operations. Research in this area is urgently needed. Handling of hazaidous mnierials. Planning of process and work places: decknt