Schools 14 – 19 Becta SRF and ICT Mark. Eastern Primary School. Incline Row, Port Talbot, SA13 1TT, ,. [email protected] The school. The Self-review Framework (SRF) provides a structure for reviewing your school’s use of technology and its impact on school improvement. It is designed to help. “During my time as an ICT advisory teacher Becta was a wonderful source .. The SRF is just one excellent example of a useful tool for schools.

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Graham Badman conducted the now completely discredited “Review” into Education Otherwise than at school. I think that BECTA grew itself during good times and didn’t learn how to quickly downsize when it needed to, so the job has been done for them. This means there are at least two very positive ways that the Inclusion Team is unlike other parts of BECTa and its future deserves to be considered separately and very carefully.

Becta only provides advice to schools, IT development within schools still laid in the hands of the Headteacher and the IT professionals within it. Public sector ethos of ‘spend it or you lose it’. Without funding these will all close too and direct technical, strategic and curriculum support goes too. The demise of Becta is systematic of that lack of clarity.

The use of technology in schools is not an end in itself: The framework now contains 57 aspects in 6 elements there were 72 aspects in 8 elements in the previous version. I’m a Network Manager at a school and to be honest some of the comments here seem to be coming from those with no experience of working in a school. There are too many many people posting on here who have no idea how IT or indeed ICT works in schools.

Becta Schools – Self-review framework – ICT Mark

Who will showcase the pockets of outstanding and visionary work and perhaps encourage others to embrace them? Of course you’ve got to weigh the benefits against the cost and find a good balance.


Too many mistakes and not smart enough to rapidly change when a different approach was clearly needed. We have had two consecutive oustanding Ofsteds. Presumably the govt now needs a private sector firm to fill Becta’s shoes at a fraction of the cost. As of today, it is moving to a new It seems to me that’s a text-book troll as I wasn’t drawn in the first time so the comments were made even grander in the hope that I’d be drawn in a second time. I’m not going to waste time on your silly nit-picking.

Giving schools, or bfcta clusters, the ability negotiate their own deals might cost a little more, but the benefits gained by becfa having software that does the job required outweighs the extra pence required at purchase. It’s probably going to be hard going as, in my opinion, an awful lot of people don’t ‘get the point’ of the FOSS community.

Perhaps some of the better geeks from Becta will be able to move back to Gt Smith St and infect the DfE with a little bit of technological know how.

There was indecision, conflict, manipulation of findings to suit certain manufacturers and a severe state of too may Chiefs and not enough Indians.

Assess the learning in specific subjects when ICT has been used. My experience of Becta is that the recommendations they give are often out of date, inaccurate, unhelpful and full becfa bad advice and bad practice.

Becta: Does it deserve to die?

Usual public sector compulsion to spend up to and exceed budget, just in case allocation reduced in subsequent years. Sir – there is evidently a world of difference between being a school governor and actually teaching ICT. The problem with that idea is the same as it always has been – sr the time school children make it into the workplace things have changed.

It has about members sad gecta you thing that there are 25, or so schools and I can say that it was life-transforming for a num ber of my students. Do you now see why his comments and your own now are trolling? One that is top-heavy and expenses rich where family members are put on the gravy chain? Even if schools are free to make their own ICT purchasing decisions, will they necessarily choose open source? We have retained all your relevant aspect data, including levels, evidence, commentary and actions.


BECTA and it’s chairmans “Review” represent the worst of whet Labour did to the process of Governance in this country and I am heartily glad this waste of money that has been a vehicle for so much that is wrong will be binned.

They will not beecta missed. Predominately old systems with a massively out of date OS and office package. Lets see the back of a few more useless government departments. I currently work for a supplier of IT solutions into education and I definitely think Becta will be missed and that without them something will need to step in to fill the gap. Again, how could we be? But that does not call for xrf the whole lot. We all have jobs and families.

I hope decision makers will see this and reap the benefits while contributing to the FOSS community. Let’s hear the views of more teachers. It did some good work, but at far too much expense.

Those kids that really are interested will tend to study the subject at A level and then at Uni, which is how it should be. Now I’m not going to respond to your post in any detail. When I spoke to the Department of Education this morning that was the line they took about today’s decision.

Who will champion that now? What does the framework cover? So lets get real – it is a tragedy for the staff; In reality they must have known the writing was on the wall. To date, the school src has no IT teacher. Jump to more content from this blog About this blog.