Bread Givers has ratings and reviews. BlackOxford said: Male LiberationA gem in so many dimensions: King Lear with an extra daughter, a proto. Bread Givers is a novel by Anzia Yezierska that was first published in See a complete list of the characters in Bread Givers and in-depth analyses of. A short summary of Anzia Yezierska’s Bread Givers. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Bread Givers.

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Reb Smolinsky’s case is more complex than this: He then berates his entire family on a regular basis telling them how lucky they are for having such a devout father.

I hear her desire to stretch her wings to their greatest span and to live without imposed restraints of social obligation, because that is what it means to be free to live as you will. Reb Smolinsky is portrayed as belonging to many different societies bdead charities.

I berad really identify with Sara’s struggle to get an education and become a teacher, because that’s what I want to do myself although of course I haven’t had to work Semi-autobiographical work by a Jewish-American female author, Anzia Yezierska.

Impoverishment in the broadest sense seems to be Yezierska’s subject–whether material, emotional, or intellectual.

Fully “being a person,” I suppose, means at the most basic level that one matters, that one asserts one’s own value, and that one has succeeded in finding a community that agrees with that assertion. Conflicted, Sara asks her father nazia come live with her and Hugo.

Bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska

It was interesting to see some Jewish culture in the book. I wanted to throttle her sisters and I found Yezierska’s adjective of “dumb” accurate to describe the broken, spiritless, acquiescence of her sisters and mother. This book also raises a number of important issues in American history.

Julian—Gregorian uncertainty Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references. Anzia Yezierska’s The Bread Givers presents thi If you are American, and probably even if you are not, you have heard this story before: Jan 10, Aymen Alramadhan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sara will not give in to the strictures of her tyrannical Orthodox father and goes out on her own, almost unheard of in those years.


Sara and her mother miss the close support of the community of women from the New York City tenements. I could really identify with Sara’s struggle to get an education and become a teacher, because that’s what I want to do myself although of course I haven’t had to work nearly as hard.

It might have made a greater visceral impact on me at 18 or 20, when, like Sara, I was forging my own path.

Yezierska portrays so well the toxic effect that an overbearing and religiously fundamentalist yezkerska has on azia wife and daughters, blunting and destroying their chances for personal and professional success and happiness. It just felt to me that she didn’t really get her happy ending that she deserved. Yezierska moved to Hollywood but was unable to feel at home there and moved back to New York City.

After attending elementary school in the United States for only two years, Yezierska started working by selling homemade paper bags, sewing buttons, and rolling cigars. Discover Education Programs Join our growing community of educators.

She did not begin creative writing untilwhen she was about 28, but she published her first story two years later in Forum Magazine. All that’s false in politics, prohibition and all the evils of the world come from them.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. So many emotions and so much commentary on social constructs. I wanted yeziersja dance, to fly in the air and kiss the sun and stars with my singing heart. Mar 19, Qnzia Hanna rated it really liked it. Then a cultural war emerge between the conservative, eastern-way of thinking father with a daughter that dreams of going to college at a time where colleges were thought to be only for men and women shouldn A story of culture and poverty struggle of an extremly poor, highly religious immigrant family merging into the new culture of the new world: Otherwise, he will hurl abuse at you, nread if you are a son, he will make a man of you by punching you in the chest or stomach.

I ajzia books about immigrants during the early 20th century.

Bread Givers

Why do you hold yourself better than the whole world? Each of her sisters, by contrast, becomes trapped by marriage even the one who ma Remarkable book. Published August 1st by Persea first published But to marry myself to a man that’s a person, I must first make myself for a person.


Mar 02, Yinglin Chen rated it really liked it Shelves: The rent collector demands the two months of past-due rent while Reb Smolinsky recites a hymn. It is interesting to note that this semi-autobiographical novel was written in I may not restrict my own textual analysis to scripture or even, I may as well admit, include scripture in the texts I studybut I do feel strongly the spiritual importance, in my own life, of keeping sacred some time to study, to think and reason, to engage with texts, to discuss and interpret.

We are always put on the pedestal. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. If you can read about the sad lives of the Smolinsky women–at the hand of a selfish “holy man” who deserves a BAD father of the year award every year–without feeling enraged, sad, sympathetic, and wanting to go back in time and strangle a few people menwell I can’t imagine you can. Jan 30, Emily added it Shelves: This is, of course, also true of many immigrant tales with male protagonists Chaim Potok’s The Chosen leaps to mindbut I wonder if it’s a more common theme in those centering around women.

This is a heartbreaking book, but I thank my grandparents for leaving their homes and coming to this country. Skip to main content.

“New York Times” reviews Yezierska’s “Bread Givers”

Th A fascinating look into the experience of a first-generation American immigrant, torn between the familial pull of the Old World and the opportunities available in a vibrant New York. Whether this is a genuine belief of his or a mere self-justification for his hypocrisy, it’s severely problematic, especially since he is unwilling or unable to acknowledge that others may not share his own priorities. He imposes draconian rules whether breav like them or not.