La bursitis séptica es una enfermedad frecuente. Se produce principalmente en las bursas olecraneana y prepatelar, y afecta a varones de media edad. A bursa is a fluid-filled structure that is present between the skin and tendon or tendon and bone. The main function of a bursa is to reduce friction between. BACKGROUND: Septic bursitis usually affects subcutaneous localized bursae such the prepatellar and elbow bursae. This condition is infrequently reported in .

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Treatment depends on the severity of the symptoms, with mild cases possibly only requiring rest and localized icing and options for presentations with severe septsis including intravenous antibiotics, surgical irrigation of the bursa, and bursectomy. Arthroscopic or endoscopic excision of the bursa has more recently been reported to have satisfactory results with less trauma than open excision.

That is usually the journal article where the information was first stated. Cystic lesions around the knee joint: Septic arthritis of the glenohumeral joint. Clin Orthop Relat Res.

Skeletal Radiol, 33pp.

Prepatellar bursitis

Bursae that are not anatomically close to the patella include the pes anserine bursa, the iliotibial bursa, the tibial and fibular collateral ligament bursae and the gastrocnemius-semimembranosus bursa.

Retrieved 10 May Se continuar a navegar, consideramos que aceita o seu uso. It is marked by swelling at the knee, which can be tender to the touch and which generally does not restrict the knee’s range of motionor extremely painful and disabling as long as the underlying condition persists.


Coronal proton density A and axial T2W B images show a distended pes anserine bursa arrows. Superficial infrapatellar bursitis, also called clergyman’s knee, is due to inflammation and fluid accumulation resulting from chronic stress. It must be differentiated from iliotibial tendinitis. On MRI [ Figure 8 ] iliotibial bursitis appears as a fluid collection near the insertion of the iliotibial tract in its distal part, close to the lateral aspect of the tibia.

J Clin Rheumatol, 1pp. It moves up and down in the groove of the femur when you bend and straighten your knee. Van pxtelar Hoogen, J. Other causes include infections or low-grade inflammatory conditions, such as gout, syphilis, tuberculosis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Contents Editors Categories Share Cite. Awareness of the different types of lesions helps in arriving at the correct diagnosis which, in turn, helps in proper management.

Bursitis infecciosa | Seminarios de la Fundación Española de Reumatología

Clin Exp Dial Apheresis, 5pp. Ann Rheum Dis, 46pp.

Nontuberculous mycobacterial bursitis and arthritis of the shoulder. Findings in patients and anatomic data derived from cadavers. Support Center Support Center. When refering to evidence in academic writing, you should always try to reference the primary original source.


Vincula tendina Synovial sheath Common flexor sheath of hand Mucous sheaths on back of wrist. Prepatellar Bursitis The prepatellar bursa is located between the patella and the overlying subcutaneous tissue. The anterior knee area butsitis dressed bursitks loosely unfolded gauze, padding and bandage is applied. J Rheumatol, 6pp.

Occupational diseases Overuse injuries Soft tissue disorders Knee injuries and disorders. A physical examination and medical history are generally not enough to distinguish between infectious and non-infectious bursitis; aspiration of the bursal fluid is often required for this, along with pafelar cell culture and Gram stain of the aspirated fluid.

Chronic trauma in the form of prolonged or repeated kneeling leads to inflammation and hemorrhagic bursitis.

A year-old female presented with anterior knee pain. An overview of septic arthritis and septic bursitis. J Bone Joint Surg, 54App. Thank you for updating your details. Retrieved from ” https: Unable to pateoar the form. After this, the trochar will be inserted into the cavity and the other instruments will follow.

The pes anserinus tendons arrowhead in B are seen inferior to the bursa.