Ahmed Deedat Language: English | Format: PDF| Pages: | Size: 17 MB The Choice – Islam and Christianity: Two Volumes, By Ahmed. Islam and Christianity: The Choice [Ahmed Deedat] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. good condition. Written by famed South African scholar and author, Ahmed Deedat, the book The Choice Vol.1 is the first of two volumes of his most popular series of booklets.

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Following their debate, Deedat made defamatory personal remarks against Gilchrist that, after refusing to publicly apologise for, led to court action and him having to pay damages of R2 including court costs to Gilchrist.

That at least is the common Muslim praise for him.

He said that Rushdie “is a hypocrite and has blasphemed holy personalities. Padahal asalnya Deedat, hanya imigran miskin dari India, yang kemudian jadi warga kelas dua di negeri Afrika Selatan yang kala itu masih rasialis. I am all for anmed of speech, but our leaders should show some understanding and, above all, respect for the views and beliefs of others.

Among Deedat’s close friends were Goolam Hoosein Vanker and Taahir Rasool, whom many refer to as ‘the unsung heroes of Which he did for three whole years thereafter and later credited for expanding his horizons significantly towards missionary work.

A sophisticated program choicr luncheons, speeches and free hand-outs was created to give an increasingly large number of international tourists often their first look at Islam.

Arriving in South Africa, Deedat applied himself deevat diligence to his studies, overcoming the language barrier and excelling in school, even getting promoted until he completed standard 6. Archived from the original on 10 November Deedat took a more active interest in religious debate after he came across the book Izhar ul-Haqq Truth Revealed[7] written by Rahmatullah Kairanawiwhile he was rummaging for reading material in his employer’s basement.

Seorang yang sangat gelisah ketika mendapat wahyu pertama. I do not deesat why he came to Australia or why he adopted such a confrontationist approach on Good Friday at a big public meeting at Sydney Town Hall when he disparaged the Christian faith. Often the same theme has several video lectures to its credit, having been delivered at different times and different places.


Hardback Description from the publisher: Saya justru merasa semakin mengenal nabi Muhammad SAW dari buku ini.

Seeing the popularity of the classes, Deedar. Retrieved 12 January While I condemn such attacks, I also condemn attacks against Christians by Muslims who come to Australia to sow the seed of religious hatred.

Deedat’s first lecture, entitled “Muhammad: Membuktikan kalo Syehk Ahmed deedat adalah seorang Muslim dan Kristolog yang ulung dan susah dicari tandingannya. Never bored reading this book Problems arose after the publication of From Hinduism to Islama critique of Hindu beliefs and practices. Refresh and try again. He was awarded the King Faisal International Prize in for his fifty years of missionary work.

The book had a profound effect on Xhmed, who bought a Bible and held debates and discussions with trainee missionaries, whose questions he had previously been unable to answer.

Open Preview See a Problem? By the early s Ahmed Deedat’s work was beginning to be known outside his native South Africa. He should not be pardoned. Ketika saya memilih membaca buku ini, saya tidak sedang berniat untuk membaca kembali kisah Muhammad SAW, tidak juga berniat memperdalam tentang mukjizat Al-Quran.

The Choice: Dialog Islam – Kristen by Ahmed Deedat

At the age of 9, Deedat left India to join his father in what is now known as Kwazulu-Natal. Buku yang cerdas, buah karya ahmad deedat salah satu ulama yang saya kagumidebat antara Islam dan kristen. Archived 17 May at the Wayback Machine. Preview — The Choice by Ahmed Deedat.

His international profile grew inwhen he received the King Faisal Award for his services to Islam in the field of Dawah Islamic missionary activity.

Ahmed Deedat

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. At the age of 9, Deedat left India to join his father in what is now known as Kwazulu-Natal.

A spoof on Bible interpretationtakes it from the humorous side. His fame is thus based not on the mastery of Islamic sciences but on his thoroughgoing knowledge of the Bible. Arriving in South Africa, Deedat applied himself with diligence to his studies, overcoming the language barrier and excelling in school, even getting promoted until he completed standard 6.

The Choice: Dialog Islam – Kristen

The book had a profound effect on Deedat and led to the purchase of his first Bible and holding of debates and discussions with trainee missionaries, whose questions he had previously been unable to answer. But most are not aware that John Gilchrist has written several books and booklets giving a thorough Dfedat response to Deedat’s material as well as on other topics of importance in the dialog between Christians and Muslims.

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Instead of pursuing these questions, we hasten back and seek refuge in “the known. Oct 12, Ali Yusuf rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Deedat’s first internationally well-known debate took place in Augustwhen he debated well-known Christian preacher Josh McDowell in Durban, South Africa.

I read this a long time ago, but I seem to recall that many of the arguments presented in this book are too weak and I can imagine them easily dwedat.

There ARE coherent reasons one might choose Islam over Christianity, but ahmer articulates none of them, instead feedat to ridiculous intonations against all things Christian, especially the eccentric practices of a few often times just ONE interaction he had with ONE so-called Christianrather than the religion as a whole. Oct 11, Danang rated it really liked it. Capitalizing on his popularity in the Middle East following his receipt of the King Faisal Award, Deedat secured a grant to print a collated volume of four of his popular booklets.

He spent the last nine years of his life in a ah,ed in his home in South Africa, looked after by his wife, Hawa Deedat, encouraging people to engage cboice Da’wah proselytizing Islam.

The Choice Islam And Christianity – Volumes (One & Two) | Islam Future → The Future For Islam

However, this booklet was withdrawn after Dr. Apa yang beliau tahu pada saat itu? He is buried at the Verulam cemetery.

Ti Ahmed Deedat merupakan da’i dan kristolog terkemuka dunia, yang dari tangannyalah sudah ribuan orang yang menjadi Muslim karenanya. Coba tonton waktu dia dialog dengan beberapa non muslim di US bisa diliat di yuotube.

Deedat then returned to Durban and expanded the IPC’s activities. Subsequently, several printing houses offered to print more, and within two years anothercopies had been printed in several print runs across the Middle East.