In fact, no Muslim is a Muslim if he or she does not believe in Jesus!” Pleasant Surprise. Over 90% of the people who witnessed this debate must have been. Christ in Islam [Ahmed Deedat] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Christ in Islam [Ahmed Deedat] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Yet another interesting book by the famous South African Muslim, Ahmed.

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The circumstances being peculiar, Mary the mother of Jesus had retired herself to some remote place in the East When I reached the end of verse 49, the Reverend commented that the Quranic message was like that of his own Bible. Is there no word in his language for “mother”?

What is the antonym of God?

For deedah of these do you stone me? Greater than Moses, David, Solomon, Isaiah and all, not excluding himself: The story is that the maternal grandmother of Jesus, Hannah, had hitherto been barren.

He ahjed skeptical about what I said. The Christian does not know that in the Holy Quran Jesus is mentioned twenty five times. The eminent Billy Graham from the United States of America dramatized this verse in front of 40, people in King Park, Durban, with his index finger sticking out and swinging his outstretched arm from right to left, he said: Cut short the talk. The logic of it is that, if being born without a male parent entitles Jesus to being equated silam God, then, Adam would have a greater right to such honor, and this no Christian would readily concede.

Dunkers for that was his name sat back and listened with rapt attention to “Allah’s Words”. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. If this is the statement of truth from the All-Knowing, that “Never said I to them aught except what Thou chriet command me to say, to wit, ‘Worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord'”, then how do the Christians justify worshipping Jesus?


John, in the fourth verse above, describing the marriage feast at Cana, we are told that Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him, behaved insolently towards his mother. Quranic and Biblical Versions. When that charge was ably refuted, they then accused him of blasphemy which is like treason in the spiritual realm. Miracles are no standards of judging truth and falsehood. Again, the Christian reads into these words, a meaning which they do not carry.

The Americans call their drunkards “Problem Drinkers”. Our duty is simply to deliver the Message, loud and clear, the rest we islma to God.

He is telling the Jews and recording for posterity, the real unity or relationship between the Father and the son.

Christ in Islam

Here we find three significant topics, not dealt with yet in our discussion: The honor of creating Christianity had to be shared between Paul and Jesus, and Paul won because he wrote more Books of the Bible than any other single author, whereas Jesus did not write a single word.

What is all this, play – acting?

Here is a candidate for Divinity itself, for only God Ij could possess these qualities. Many reason that what was good for the Master is good enough for them. Jesus had twelve apostles, but one of them Judas had the Devil in him.

Deedat follows the same ol’ views of popular Islam without giving much consideration to any thing else outside of Island. There is nothing new in what I am telling you, I reminded the Reverend.

They appear dumbfounded, as described by the fitting words of Jesus:. They are programmed to rattle off verses out chdist context, upon which they can hang their faith. He invited me to have tea with him in his office. I asked him what was the Greek word for “God” the first time it occurs in the quotation “and the Word was With God”? We cannot blame the Christians for their skepticism. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.


But spiritual blinkers are more impervious than zhmed defects. We must proclaim our Master’s Will; we must declare the Truth, whether we liked it or not. We have not done anything substantial to remove the cobwebs.

Christ in Islam: Ahmed Deedat: : Books

This is an authorized modification of the original English text. Is the Bible God’s Word Paperback. The Quran lays bare the true position of Christ in a single verse, followed by a note by Yusuf Ali’s:. It was the same wine that, according to the Christian Bible, enabled the daughters of Lot to seduce their father Genesis It can never be, unless this Revelation chrrist Muhammed is what it, itself, claims to be viz.

No matter what mystical meaning that Philo had woven around these words which our John has plagiarizedwe will accept them for what they are worth.

His misguided followers claim that he did avow Divinity, but that was not blasphemy because he was God. Message and miracles, 5: The Quranic Version “He said the angel says in reply: Since this miracle, wine has flowed like water in Christendom.