CS Computer Networks Two Marks Questions With Answers Anna University, Chennai. Anna_University,_Chennai_logo. UNIT I. 1. Explain ISO/OSI . CS COMPUTER NETWORKS TWO MARK QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK BY SELVAM COLLEGE OF. A Computer network is a number of computers interconn this is for 2 marks and 16 marks question papers for data communication. Copyright: Attribution CSComputer Networks – Anna University Engineering Question Bank 4 U. Uploaded Mobile Communication 2-MARK Questions and Answers. Uploaded .

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These functions are handled by the IEEE What are the steps followed in checksum generator? Permanent virtual circuits are comparable to leased lines in circuit switching. What are the four steps involves in scanning? The computed responsibilities of network layer include the following: Once an adaptor has detected a collision and stopped its transmission, it waits a certain amount of time and tries again.

In network transactions, you can create an equivalent of an electronic or digital signature by the way you send data. Each node is ensured of having the buffers it needs to queue the packets that arrive on that circuit. Write short notes on FDDI.

What is Spanning tree? Environmental science and engineering Questions B This information is added in the form of headers or trailers. Explain the categories of networks. Congestion in a network occurs if user sends data into the network at a rate greater than that allowed by network resources.

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Anna University – B. The combined station is one which acts either as a primary or a Secondary, depending upon the maarks and direction of the transmission. Routing to all neighbors. For one million users to communicate, only two million keys are needed.

CS – Computer Networks – 2 & 16 Marks with answers :Study Zone

In this method, the same virtual circuit is provided between two uses on a continuous basis. In datagram approach, each packet is treated independently from all others. It is the error detecting mechanism, which means a shorter vomputer of bits or extra bits may be appended at the destination of each unit. The bond configuration refers to the relationship of hardware devices on a link.

Switched virtual circuit Permanent virtual circuit. Creating a connection involves three steps: The public key is announced to the public. What are the two possible transport services?


The criteria used to evaluate transmission network are Throughput Propagation speed Propagation time Wavelength Define a standard The pathway requiring the smallest number of relays, it is called hop-count routing, in which every link is considered to be of equal length and given the value one. What are the functions of MAC?


Mention the types of errors and define the terms? In secret key, the same key is used by both parties. Explain the frame format for token ring and token bus. Write the keys for understanding the link state routing?

These functions are handled by the IEEE A CRC checker functions exactly like a generator. The seven layers of the OSI model belonging to three subgroups. Checksum is based on the concept of redundancy.

CS Computer networks – RJ edition 2marks and 16marks with answers

The two main categories are User Oriented Network Computeg UNIT — V 1. One portion of the IP address indicates a networking and the other represents the host in a network. E Civil 5th Semester Question The four internetworking devices are, Repeaters Bridges Routers Gateway This basic strategy is usually called hop-by-hop flow control. Group the OSI layers by function. In the NRZ-L sequence, positive and negative voltages have specific meanings: