Author’s address: Josef Dalik, katedra matematiky a deskriptivni geometrie atiky a deskriptivni geometrie strojni fakulty VUT, Technicka 2, 69 Brno, Czech. Rozvrh předmětu Deskriptivní geometrie (design) v zimním semestru a. r. / 15 [en], Design – Descriptive geometry, Courses, Department of. Found it Kolomajzlik found Deskriptivni geometrie. Monday, July 25, Jihomoravský kraj, Czechia.

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Tschirnhaus used this idea for constructing tangents of curves defined by a finite set of focal points and constant weighted sum of distances from these focal points.

Numerical solution of the Kiessl model

Management Systems in Production Engineering. User Account Dskriptivni in to save searches and organize your favorite content. Book 1, Science and technologies in geology. Analytic Hierarchy Process, Encyclopedia of Biostatistics. The impact of the flow volume flow ventilation to the location of the special hazard spontaneous fire zone in goaf with caving of operating longwalls.

Deskriptivní geometrie by Jiri Haviger on Prezi

Handbook of convex geometry. The technique we use applies to both types of surfaces, because they can be represented as curves within the afore mentioned quadrics. This construction is based on a mechanical interpretation of the Apollonius definition an E. And the history of developing this idea is interesting either.

Predictable shapes reflecting a number of real roots of a univariate polynomial and a possibility to approximate easily the branches separately play a crucial role in the approximation algorithm. The degrees of the equations admit a prediction of the number of possible solutions. A new viewpoint can give us new ideas and concepts that lead to a simplified solution of the mathematical problem.


Very often, in technical practice, we meet the concept of oval.

Rotační plochy

Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract The level of occupational health and safety is one of the determinants of the company’s efficiency. We suggest certain explanations. In the contribution, we will focus on some interesting constructions used by architects, theorists such as Sebastiano Serlio and Guarino Guarini.

All the time the idea of tensigrity structure is focusing attention of scientists connected with architecture. We show that for a rational surface the Gram determinant of its tangent space is a perfect square if and only if the Gram determinant of its normal space is a perfect square. There are examples showing that the multiplicity of the intersection can be easily composed out of the intersection multiplicity of the corresponding curve and there are others where it is not so direct.

Konstytucja Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej z dnia 2 kwietnia r. Analytical hierarchy process AHP. Whereas in the past the study of loci by DGS was based on numerical methods, now we are facing the introduction of symbolic methods based on the theory of automated theorem proving into DGS.

preliminary programme

Consequently the polynomial surfaces of a given degree with polynomial area element can be constructed from the prescribed normal fields solving a system of linear equations. Gometrie there are many others, too.


First, we model the famous hyperbolic football manifold, and restrict ourselves only for Cw 6, 6, 6 manifold as in [2]. In the talk a few concrete examples, including drawbacks which can occur in some cases, are given.

Curves and surfaces represented by polynomial support functions. Such a phenomenon was experienced e. The concept of choosing an infinite hyperplane is used for making hypothesis in an affine space to solve projective problems and vice-versa.

We design a simple algorithm for computing an approximate piecewise rational parametrization deskeiptivni topological graphs of the Weierstrass curves.

We use the presented approach to interpolate a network of points and associated normals with piecewise polynomial surfaces with polynomial area element. The gauss map at the inflection point is not regular and in the neighborhood is typically not injective.

The support function is thus not regular and typically multivalued. The standard examples for such theorems are the Theorem geometri Pythagoras and the Theorem of Desargues concerning perspective triangles. Therefore, the lecture takes up the cudgels on behalf of a solid education in Geometry, including Descriptive Geometry.