Hewlett-Packard 10BII Tutorial. Page 2. The GOLD and PURPLE shift keys. The two shift keys allow the user to access specific functions the calculator can. To begin, look at the face of the calculator. Every key (except two, the gold and purple shift keys) on the hp 10bii (HP10BII) has two or possibly three functions. It updates the functionality of the earlier HP 10bII since the introduction of the original HP 10B HP 10bII+ Plus Tutorial: Buy HP 10bII Financial Calculator.

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hp 10bII – Tutorial :

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Your reply to Anonymous On Aug, Catnell replied: Enters initial cash flow of zero. Now that the cash flows have been entered, store the interest rate and calculate the net present value.

HP 10bii Calculator – Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return

Of course, most people don’t recognize a wrong answer when they get one, so they blithely forge ahead. If you get this error, just press C to clear it and then fix the problem by changing the sign of either PV or FV. Enter the data as follows: Asia Pacific and Oceania.

Please note that in the following text the orange key is referred to as Shift because it is used to shift to the orange-colored function below the key that is pressed next. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. Your reply to Anonymous On Sep, Anonymous wrote: To check that it has taken, press Shift and then C clear all.

HP 10BII Tutorial – Lump Sums |

Also, note that hitting the gold shift key places a little shift in the lower left corner of the display. Thus, by hitting the gold shift key first, we are activating the gold function above the ON key, which is the off function. Financial functions like TVM ; loans, savings; leasing; amortization; cash flow analysis: Please continue on to part II of this tutorial to learn about tutoria, the HP 10BII to solve problems involving annuities and perpetuities.


That is a lot of money to invest all at once, but we’ll 10gii on the next page that you can lessen the pain by investing smaller amounts each year. We want to find the present value. If you know the interest rate, then we can solve for the amount of time that it will take for the present value to grow to the future value by solving for N.

The Hewlett Packard 10BII is a very easy to use financial calculator that will serve you well in all finance courses. Again, if you get No Solution instead of an answer, it is because you didn’t follow the cash flow sign convention.

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Solving for the interest rate is quite common. Next, enter the following data: Modify your browser’s settings to allow Javascript to execute. Therefore, in order to reach the same goal, you would need to earn a higher interest rate. If it isn’t there, please 10hii me a note and I’ll try to answer the question. Reply On Nov, Robert wrote: On Mar, Khabazela wrote: Now to find the future value simply press the FV key. Note that the gold shift key is near the lower left corner of the calculator keyboard.

This requires that you understand the calculations that the calculator is doing and the relationships between the variables. Note that the calculator has a continuous memory, so turning it off does not affect any data stored in the calculator. Maybe you have recently tytorial an investment and would like to know what your compound average annual rate of return was.


HP10BII Ordinary Annuities

Every key except two, the gold and purple shift keys on the hp 10bii HP10BII has two or possibly three functions: Why are my answers for future value, present value or cash flow questions hl the hpbII always different from the answers from the hpC which are the correct answers?

How much will you have accumulated at the end of this time period? That’s fine, I suppose, but its better to set it to assume annual compounding and then make manual adjustments when you enter numbers.

Hit 1, red shift, PMT. Javascript is disabled in this browser. Press Shift C to clear the memory. Let’s return to our college savings problem from abovebut we’ll change it slightly. Suppose that you are planning to send your daughter to college in 18 years.

This gold button is like the typewriter shift key. 10nii will not need the purple shift key in this tutorial. First, clear by pressing. The 10BII comes from the factory set to assume monthly compounding. Your reply to Khabazela On Feb, Anonymous wrote: These changes really increase the functionality provided on this entry-level financial calculator.

The cash flows that describe the prospective investment are now in the calculator. Your reply to Eric On Apr, Kate wrote: That is because, if both numbers are positive, the calculator thinks that you are getting a benefit without making any investment.