The story from II Pecorone centres on the adventures of a young man called Giannetto,l who corresponds to Shakespeare’s. Bassanio. He is the godson of a. Appendix 4: Il Pecorone. IL PECORONE is a collection of tales by Ser Giovanni. It was written in Italian at the end of the. 14th Century and printed in Milan in. The Pecorone of Ser Giovanni, now first tr. into English by W. G. Waters; choicely illus. by E. R. Hughes. Main Author: Giovanni, Fiorentino, 14th cent. Related.

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Giovanni Fiorentino

The strokes which he gives here and there to the priesthood are very mild compared with the whip of Boccaccio, and are as nothing at all to the scorpions which Masuccio let fall upon the.

Giannetto also was minded to show his skill, and indeed he wrought such marvellous deeds, and showed such great prowess both with his arms and his horse, and won so completely the favour of the barons, that they all desired to have him to rule over them. My name is Petruccia, and I am the daughter of Vannicello da Viterbo, who in dying left me under the guardianship of my two brothers. He, knowing that Messer Stricca had gone to Perugia, set forth at a befitting hour in the evening towards the dwelling of her whom he loved as he loved his own eyes.

The disguised lady rode in advance, and every time she turned round she perceived the priest to be as it were lost in thought, for he was ever thinking over what had happened, which seemed to him a strange thing indeed.

He was a strong ruler, and made himself respected by the equal justice he maintained towards men of all classes. But if he should fail in his venture, he must lose all he has. The doctor embarked and went his way, while Messer Giannetto let celebrate divers banquets, and gave horses and money to his companions, and the merrymaking went on for several days.

The narrative of what the lady did thereupon ; how peace was restored between the two families, and how the young man compassed his vengeance Good story-teller as he was, and original in his treatment, his fancy was not fertile of new subjects.

By what chance the two kings, rejoicing greatly thereanent, recognize her, the one as his wife, and the other as his sister Novel II. Several of the novels are borrowed from the Arthurian cycle, to wit, the story of the Lady of Scalot who died for love of Lancelot, of the passion of Yseult, and of Tristan’s madness, but the larger part of them are variants of the tales in the ” Gesta Romanorum ” and of current classical fables. Signor de Gubernatis is of opinion that this novel was taken by the author of the ” Pecorone ” from a version of the story told by some Venetian, as the words ” saniolo ” and ” fondaco ” are local, and would scarcely have been current in Tuscany.

Research for Shake-speare 9. When the court moved on into Provence, the cardinal took me with him, keeping me always by his side, and giving me very honourable treatment, and loving me better than himself. The doctor asked Messer Giannetto if he would grant him a favour, and being answered in the affirmative, he went on to say, ‘I would that you tarry not here, but go straightway home to your wife.


Now, were she to see me without the ring, she would deem that I had given it to some other woman, and would be wroth with me, and believe I had fallen in love otherwhere, but in sooth I love her better than I love myself.

And when evening had come, and it was time to retire, the lady took Giannetto by the hand and said, ‘Let us go to bed. Her tresses mocked the lion’s tawny sheen, Her eyes like eyes of falcon peregrine, Stately as Juno’s bird her walk and mien, And lovelier than an angel in my sight.

Nerissa teaches me what to believe: A pound of that same merchant’s flesh is thine. Giannetto took leave of peccorone, and having journeyed to Venice and gone to the warehouse of Messer Ansaldo, he delivered the pecotone which his father had handed to him on his deathbed; and Messer Ansaldo, when he had read the same, learned that the ip man before him was the son of his dear friend Bindo.

Indeed, he gained over to his interests one of the steersmen so completely that he caused the vessel to be brought one night into the port of the lady’s city. Wherefore he commended his soul to God, and, with his arms crossed, he awaited his death. In referring to this story Signor de Gubernatis suggests that when Domenichi was revising his materials for his edition of he perceived that this novel resembled too strongly the Proem and the setting of the work, wherefore he replaced it by the story of Democrate.

He has little else but praise for Frederic Barbarossa and appreciation of his talents and magnanimity, and at the same time he does not hesitate to condemn the avarice and brutality of that true son of the Church, Charles of Anjou. In the sonnet it is declared that the book was begun in the yearand that the author, Ser Giovanni, had written other books as well.

Saturnina shows herself duly appreciative of Auretto’s devotion, and without delay gives him her heart in return. They all repair to the tomb, where the youth is found alive.

Then Bucciolo went back to the master and said, ‘ I have not failed to do the thing you directed me to do, and indeed I have seen a lady who pleases my taste exactly. In the harbour the next morning, when the news was spread that a fine ship had come into port, all the people flocked to see her, and it was told likewise to the lady, who forthwith sent for Giannetto.

The court awards it and the law doth give it. One favour I beg of pecornoe, which is, that if perchance you should again miscarry, you will return hither, so that I may see you again before I die; then I shall be content to depart; ik and Giannetto answered that he would do all things which him seemed were agreeable to Oecorone Ansaldo’s wishes. Whereupon Kl, when he perceived that he was beyond cure, spake in this wise to himself: You’ll ask me why I rather choose to have A weight of carrion flesh than to receive Three thousand ducats.


How the parties of the Neri and the Bianchi first arose.

It happened that the adventurers who had set sail with Giannetto returned from Alexandria with great profit, and as soon as they landed they heard how Giannetto had come back broken in fortune; wherefore they were greatly amazed and said, ‘This is the strangest matter that ever was.

Search everywhere for what you are seeking, and if you find any man here, cut me in pieces. One pecoronee Madonna Nicolosa called her maid and said, c Go and tell Buondelmonte I marvel greatly that, now there be opportunities in plenty, he never sends a word to me.

A story to please a Florentine citizen must tell of something he knew of by every- day experience. Thus, in this particular year, history makes mention of one Giovanni, degraded and most likely banished the city, and the proem of the ” Pecorone ” tells of another, ” sfolgorato e cacciato dallafortuna” who had taken refuge at Dovadola.

Of his deeds and his descendants Novel II. She spoke to him, but he said nothing ; and then she got into the bath beside him, em- bracing him and saying, c My Buondelmonte, here am I, thy Nicolosa ; hast thou not a word to say to me? Wherefore Ceccolo remained for some time in Messer Lapo’s service.

The son carries them off, and pecofone them in the ground. If there should be any- thing here which pleases you, take it at once, for all these wares are paid for already. Then he took from his purse six grossi, and said to her, f Go and buy with this money what- soever you will. I am sure of this, and you are not ashamed to swear as you have sworn.

Catalog Record: The Pecorone of Ser Giovanni | Hathi Trust Digital Library

But the Jew made answer that he wanted not the money, since it had not been paid in due time, [5] but that he desired to cut his pound of flesh from Ansaldo. Ser Giovanni’s was not the brain to weave fresh plots for a volume of fifty novels. Go to bed and rest, and do not struggle any more. It chanced that the Pope convoked a consistory to refute the subtleties of Messer Giovan Piero, another doctor of Paris, and a noted heretic ; where- upon Messer Alano, having entered the chamber under the abbot’s cope, took part in the dispute.

Why should you hold her to be one now, more than heretofore, seeing that you have lived a long time with her? The truth is, that there is a young gentleman whose name is Bucciolo, and he it is who has sent me to you.