If you are wondering what Vince Gironda’s 8×8 workout training is, how to do it correctly, does it work, and all the ins-and-outs then keep. One of the reasons the name Vince Gironda is as popular as ever in “I have a definite preference for the 8 X 8 system of sets and reps,” wrote. Get an aesthetically pleasing physique like the iron guru. The Vince Gironda workout plan will help you look great with his 8 x 8 program.

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6×6 And 8×8 Vince Gironda Training – Iron Guru

Due to his girondq and enthusiastic approach, he trained many professional bodybuilders at the time, including Arnold Schwarzenegger for a few years. So if you’re a competing bodybuilder who isolates right down to the muscle, let alone muscle groupthen stacking three or four different hamstrings or triceps 8×8’s into the same day could theoretically work.

I trained Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. View all articles by this author. Here’s what they have in common.

Vince Gironda’s 8 X 8 Workout | Old School Trainer

Those are just my thoughts. This effective program is for them.

Get the latest content first. On top of that, Gironda was adamant about making sure the weight is light enough to maintain proper form throughout the 8 sets.

Conclusion There is a lot of knowledge to be gained from Vince Gironda. The take home point is to make it through weeks of this kind of training, you need to think fince you start throwing exercises together.

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8×8: An Honest Workout By The Late, Great Vince Gironda

These healthed-up cookies will satisfy your cravings without expanding your girondaa. An intense high-volume system designed strictly for cosmetic improvements, its “honesty” stems from the humbling weight used during the actual workout. This is not to say you should avoid them completely—just in this context.

Studies show that anything over 60 minutes begins to create negative anabolic factors to build up in your system.

Use whatever weight helps you execute safely and with great form. And it delivers, every time. Losing fat is simple. Wide pronated pulldowns and narrow supinated pulldowns. It is basically a pure bodybuilding program used for aesthetics with the sole focus on maximizing muscle hypertrophy.

I trained with Vince in the morning and his son, Guy, in the evening doing the same routine twice per day. In other words, working out longer than an hour will begin to cause substantial muscle breakdown. Do one set dips and then with very little rest a set of neck press short rest and beck to a set of dips etc….

Enter your email address and click the button below to get started. An accomplished bodybuilder and trainer to the stars of yesteryear, Vince Gironda built this workout with one purpose in mind: December 3, at 4: If you know what your 8-rep max is, great. The quality of food you eat? As a side note, training each body part one time per week has worked out great for me with other programs.


December 3, at 2: Anything technically complex raises the risk of injury and decreases the work of gjronda targeted muscle. I was instructed to nap after each session!

Vince Gironda’s Bodybuilding 8×8 Training System

While he did not particularly like the barbell bench press due to the large incorporation of the front delts and he also had strong opinions about other exercises, he still did many of the base compound lifts that you would in any other program. In fact, many of his training philosophies were scoffed at at the time because they were so unorthodox.

This added up to the collective weekly volume necessary to promote growth. For your workouts, you will only need to perform exercises per muscle group, and you will perform 8 sets of 8 reps for each exercise. There’s a better exercise to build your back. Your goal is to finish all 8 sets. Studies show that when training above 60 percent of your one rep max most people can handle between 90 — reps per major muscle group per week.