Weight Gr/m. X mm. X mm. Y mm. Y mm. M 42, 58, M 44, 90, M 44, 68, M 37, 75, M “M i n i”. Consult ALUMIL S.A.’s Technical Brochure COMFORT M brochure on HINGED SYSTEM NON INSULATED COMFORT M is a cost efficient and. M is the most lightweight system for opening and/or tilt frames. Basic depth of system 37 mm Water and air tightness is achieved with three levels.

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Insulation is recommended by using a bituminous paint. The design, the production process, and the quality control of all profiles produced by Alumil are certified with ISO High level of themal insulation: M is a versatile system for any kind of thermal insulated doors and windows, which can meet the most demanding needs thanks to the variety of solutions and different designs of the profiles.

Aluminium maintenance Both anodised and painted aluminium should be cleaned on a regular basis. It is this capability to provide simple elegant solutions to extremely complex design problems that has led to aluminium’s enduring appeal. It is also far less susceptible to brittle fractures.

Products containing copper salts, mercury salts, and fluoride compounds are very harmful to aluminium and should be avoided. The following colours are available: Alumil M Mini Profile System.

Structural glass version without aluminium covers, with the same mullions and transoms.

Storage To avoid superficial 9400 the following precautions should be taken: M 22,00 M 22,00 98,00 ,00 98,00 ,00 ,00 Specifically designed sash for reinforcing the alignment of the profiles.

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Technical characteristics Aluminum alloy Any kind of entrance doors. The filling of the system is from 24mm to 32mm. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Link ltd – Aluminium and PVC window frames, suspended and ventilatable facades – Stara Zagora

Crimp cleat Crimp cleat Aluminum Aluminum profiles with a thermal bridge. Nevertheless, inadvertent errors in information may occur. Ideal proposal for low-cost solutions without compromising quality. M4 is a thermal insulated system for structural curtain walls with hanging frames stick type for faster installation. To avoid superficial damage the following precautions should be taken: The system is provided with two typologies. Alutherm Light system has the same peculiarities as that of I one, therefore, both of them can be applied in the same conditions.

J-Bond is a complete series of aluminium composite panels, with an intermediate polyethylene layer and of 4 mm total thickness.

Insulation is recoended by using a bituminous paint. Aluminum profiles without a thermal bridge.

Alumil COMFORT M940 37 mm Entrance Doors Non Insulated System

Supplementary profiles of the system give a splendid opportunity to make complicated alujil. Can implement corner constructions of 90o without reducing the visual field with additional corner mullion. High level of thermal insulation: Smart water evacuation system, perfect for heavy rainfalls.

With special roller hinges of heavy duty type, and the last vent may be used as an entrance door. Designers of five-enclosure profile Zendow system alukil it taking into consideration present requirements, meanwhile looking into the remote future.


None of the materials provided on this manual may be used, reproduced or transmitted, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, electronic aluil mechanical, including photocopying, recording or the use of any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the publisher.

The aluminum door and window frames are unique in their importance.

Alufix – ALUMIL M

The constructions made by I Mini system differ not only in their quality and elegance but also in their moderate alkmil. Contact with stainless steel on the other hand has not been found to be harmful to aluminium to date.

The same vents can be either fixed or projected outwards windows parallel projected or top hung. We offer high quality productions, available variety of assortment, as well as a guaranty for maximal fast delivery of the product.

However, I is an economical one having the following peculiarities: Contact with copper and its alloys is extremely harmful to aluminium.

It can also be processed at high cutting speeds and welded connections are not necessary. The S is the latest proposal for thermally insulated sliding systems. Type of thermal insulation: Aluminium as a fabrication material Aluminium has the capability of being extruded into complex shapes to exact tolerances.