The Survivors Series is currently out of print. But you can read the first three books in the series for free on Wattpad. Come visit. Have more questions? Fill out the. The Survivors was published on March 28, by The idea for the series came to life in June while Havard was driving. Buy The Survivors by Amanda Havard (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Looking for The Survivors? — Amanda Havard

After being isolated for so many years, she was right in the middle of humanity, being able to sense their feelings and observe their behavior firsthand. It’s a captivating story for all ages with well-developed characters to whom you can relate Young adult fictionparanormal romance.

A few of the paranormals she meets are ones we are familier with, others are more unique and complex. To ask other readers questions about The Survivorsplease sign up. Sadie is suppose to have read 35, books in the last 20 years. It was the story of one woman’s struggles to find herself.

If you like supernatural romance and don’t mind dealing with really bad writing, this will probably be an okay book. That said, once Sadie surrounded herself with immortals again, all those characteristics I found annoying amaanda snobbish disappeared. They cover everything from Witches, Vampires, Shape-Shifters and more are.

I wanted to know who the Winters were I wanted to know how you could kill a Survivor. What an interesting story!


Amanda Havard

Who could ask for more? On Sadie’s Facebook page, there is lots of designer handbags and fashion talk! That might just be me. She was born in the s and stopped aging around the age of twenty-one. Dec 28, Dianne rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sophie is not consistent in her actions or her thoughts.

I’m sure it didn’t help that Havard actually has Sadie mention Twilight and allude to the “newer” vampire myths, referencing Meyer’s characters’ traits earlier in the book. If you’re tired of the usual vampire story, this is one book that needs to be read.

I found Sadie likable. The mystery, the twists, the action and Sadie’s dogged determination to answers makes for a spellbinding read! Gee, I just don’t know why I keep messing up that name. There is a sneak peak of book 2 at the back of this book, and it left me on a very cruel and wonderful cliffhanger! I have heard this be compared to Twilight and I definitely see the comparisons, but I like that the focus isn’t entirely the romance.

Myths and stories that i knew weren’t altered. I was so excited to find that one of the locations used was the area in which I live. While there is a conclusion to the story in this book, it is clearly not the end point and, if you want the real action, you need to keep reading. The Survivors is the first book in a promising series with the same name.

It was good that there was a blend of Russian and Romanian mythologies with that of the usual mythologies of the Salem Witches and vampires. We have a winner”. She learns that nearly everything she had ever been taught was a lie. The Voice Season 1 Contestants. But…it was seventy pages of how awkward she felt in society, how she obsessed over every little movement she made and every word that came out of her mouth and how much she just wanted to die and end her mortality — yet when she came across a man that may have been able to do it for her, she hid.


I didn’t warm to him as much as I did some of the other characters. In conclusion — The Bad: May 18, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: What a perfect opportunity for me to read all three books!

I began this book with a certain mindset, thinking it would be more about the witch trials of Salem; however, amadna book only covers hhavard era briefly, shooting forward to the present day. He was just awesome: It was quite clean but there were passionate moments too. There are some religious overtones in the book, especially related to how the Survivors understand themselves in their universe.

It constantly feels like Havard is telling me how I should feel about these situations, instead of using her writing to give recognizable emotion to her characters and situations. Surely she could have come up with a less cliche couple to identify with.