PDF | The majority of oral diseases present as growths and masses of varied cellular origin. Such masses may include simple hyperplasia. The presence of a neurovascular hamartoma within the oral cavity is truly a rare entity. Scarcely reported in the literature, these hamartomas. Cowden’s Syndrome, Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba Syndrome, PTEN Hamartoma Tumour Syndrome.

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This lesion has a rare occurrence, prevalent mostly in the middle age group 3rd to 5th decade and most commonly seen in females M: Fibrolipomatous hamartoma in a patient with tuberous sclerosis: Oral hamartomas are unique presentations of the head and neck region.

Alani A, Bishop K. Rarely, it may be detected within the dentin, when it is known as internal enamel pearl. Pathol Res Pract ; The prevalence is 0. You can decide to make it visible only to you or to a restricted audience. Static nevi hamartommas not require excision and may be followed up. Classification, prevalence and aetiology. In this study, we report that specific gene targeting of phosphatase and tensin homolog PTEN in smooth muscle cells caused age-related colonic lymphoid hyperplasia followed by global immune activation in mice.

A case report and literature review.

Uncommon hereditary gynaecological tumour syndromes: Benign fibro-osseous lesions of the craniofacial complex. Financial support and sponsorship Nil. To conclude, hamartomas should promptly be included in the differential diagnosis of the tumours of oral cavity, essentially the paediatric tumours, to avoid aggressive treatment and morbidity. Histopathologically, the proliferating odontogenic epithelium is arranged in form of strands, cords and islands.


Dens invaginatus is a developmental anomaly resulting hsmartomas invagination of the enamel organ into the dental cavoty before the mineralization of the dental tissues begin. Thus resulting in lesser aggressive biological behavior and increased cytodifferentiation and apoptosis in AOT than ameloblastomas [35,36].

All of these features resemble an early tooth or a combination of the tooth structures Figure 3. Hamartomatous Growth of Odontogenic Apparatus. Open in a separate window. Irregular to round concentric layered calcified bodies exhibiting a Leisegang ring pattern may also be evident [29]. The pathogenesis of hamartomas still remains speculative. It is considered as a hamartomatous proliferation of cementoblasts forming dysmorphic and disorganized cementum around the apical half of the root.

There always lays a big controversy depicting an entity as hamartoma. Branding your topics will give more credibility to your content, position you as a professional expert and generate conversions and leads.

The fibrous connective tissue stroma is loose, may contain multinucleated giant cells cementoclasts and numerous dilated small blood vessels which is the hallmark of the lesion [11,12] Figure 1. ABFO is not an aggressive tumour hence treated with extensive curettage or by block resection to prevent recurrence of the lesion. Even in the absence of a disease-specific therapy, a prompt and orzl diagnosis is of huge value.

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To investigate the association of phosphatase and tensin homologue deleted on chromosome ten PTEN gene rs, and additional interaction with drinking and smoking on colorectal cancer CRCbased on a hospital based Chinese case-control study.

Oral neurovascular hamartoma Hamartokas hamartomatous nature of oral neurovascular hamartoma can be supported by the characteristics such as limited growth potential, ill-defined borders and histologically consisting of closely packed groups of well-formed nerve bundles and vessels. Why should I brand my topic? Several autosomal dominant inherited tumour syndromes demonstrate prominent features in the oral and maxillofacial region.

Hamartomas of the oral cavity

This article orl been cited by other articles in PMC. PTEN in smooth muscle cells is essential for colonic immune homeostasis. Prominent basophilic reversal lines can also appreciated in the cemental mass which gives a pagetoid appearance. Leiomyomatous hamartoma Leiomyomatous hamartoma is another rare entity which commonly involves the midline of palate and tongue.

Microscopically, GVM is composed of varying proportion of blood vessels and glomus cells. J Cancer Res Ther.

Hamartomas of the oral cavity | Cow

Shankargouda PatilRoopa S. At 9 years of age, his head circumference was 6 SD above the mean. This group of lesion is frequently associated with the dental follicle and hence has a close link to the dental follicle hamartomas.