Full text of “I Am Tha Science Of Hamsa Swami Muktananda” Maharashtra, INDIA Bhagawan Nityananda Swami Muktananda Recently Baba Muktananda has. I am That by Swami Muktananda, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. I am That By Swami Muktananda. Book on the power of the Hamsa mantra.

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The incoming and outgoing breaths become even, and as this happens, the mind and senses turn inward, toward the Self. When you look at a book, it is prakasha which makes you aware that something is there and vimarsha which makes you identify it as a book and not a tape recorder.

The supreme Reality, Shiva. One is the ordinary I-consciousness, the ego sense, which identifies itself with the body and senses, which considers itself to be man or woman, American or Spanish or Indian, black muktannanda white.

A sage named Ashtavakra happened to be passing by. The Science of Hamsa from the Vijnana Bhairava. Paul Zweig wrote one such account of receiving shaktipat from Muktananda. This is very good, because the beginners steps are the most complicated and the most important. This process goes on continuously day and night in a living being and sounds like the repetition ham-sa ham-sa ham-sa. Pooja T rated it it was amazing Apr 06, Watching this tender, infinitely fascinating light, the Blue Pearl, the yogi becomes aware tgat his true glory.

You should understand this very clearly, because it is a mystery which only a sharp and subtle intelligence can grasp. One can use whichever form of the mantra one likes, whichever one the Guru gives. The mantra hamsa is the source of all knowledge. One person found this helpful.


Philosophy of nondualism that recognises the entire universe as a manifestation of Chiti, or divine conscious energy. Though smaller than a sesame seed, the tiny Blue Pearl contains the entire universe.

About the Author Swami Muktananda — was a Siddha Guru, a meditation Master with the rare power to awaken the inner spiritual energy within a human being.

The universal creative energy, which is one with God, vibrates at the root of the mind, just as it vibrates in everything in the universe. A basic sound from the Sanskrit language, thah to be the natural name of the object it denotes. It happens by itself, and one has only to become aware of it.

I am That : Swami Muktananda :

This is the true state of God. Hamsa is a sublime means through which one attains immortality. Subtle nerve channel for the flow of prana; there are 72, nadis in the human body.

Every day you have new realizations which fill you with wonder. When the breath comes in with the sound ham thhat merges inside, there is a fraction of a moment which is completely still and free from thought.

Ameya Shirvoikar rated it it was amazing Aug 21, There’s a problem loading this menu right now. In the course of three world tours between andBaba as he was affectionately known initiated seekers around the globe, setting in motion what he referred to as a meditation revolution.

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? What you have to do is become established in the awareness of the mantra going on inside you, in the goal of the mantra, in the pulsation which exists in the space where the syllables arise and subside. The tantric scriptures say: He learns all branches of mundane science.

Scriptural text revealed by Lord Shiva in the form of a dialogue with his consort Parvati. With vimarsha, that Principle gives knowledge about the things it illuminates and also differentiates between them. One hears exquisite divine sounds, tastes subtle nectars, smells celestial fragrances. It is a gift from the Guru.


Yet the Self is always being experienced, at every moment of our life. Truly speaking, mantra is not merely letters or syllables.


It is like a muktaannda blue pearl among agama scriptures, ancient texts that impart the highest spiritual knowledge through dialogues between Shiva and his consort Parvati. Central to his teachings were to “See God in each other,” [15] muktanandaa “Honor your Self. The mind stands still. In the same way, the science of hamsa is a matter of awareness. In the Vijnana Bhairava it is described as the utterance of the supreme Goddess, Consciousness.

To understand these two syllables as they are is liberation. Voluntary or involuntary suspension of breath. InBhagawan Nityananda acknowledged the culmination of Muktananda’s spiritual journey, and gave him a small piece of land at Ganeshpuri, near Bombayinstructing Muktananda to create an ashram there.

Everything vibrates very subtly. A spiritual Master who has attained oneness with God and who initiates his disciples and devotees into the spiritual path and guides them to rnoksha, or liberation.

I Am That by Muktananda, Swami

And in the moment betwixt the breathing in and the breathing out is hidden all the mysteries of the Infinite Garden. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. It is the source of all knowledge.