To select a document format, click on the desired icon. Investigations Notice ( FIN) to announce revisions to the INV Form 79A, “Report of Agency Adjudication . On the first page of the Case Closing Transmittal (CCT), it says “OPM Ajudication: D – See attached INV Form 79A Review Level 3”. It also says the case was. I recently received a copy of my OPM file, and their case closing transmittal refers to their OPM assessment in INV FORM 79A, which is not attached. In the run.

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I will say, for the record, that this investigator did interview me. This is very frustrating. So my question is this: You cannot edit your posts in this forum. Those trying to get a clearance may have questions such as how does one go about attaining a clearance?

Not reliable always either. Hennessey, all due respect, but you didn’t meet this investigator.

Two of my co-workers have been through MANY background investigations and re-investigations, and have been references for many as well. If there is one thing I have learn over the years is that anyone can say anything about anyone.

Security Clearance

Is it too late, should I just wait for a SOR and then appeal the decision. In the meantime, try not to paint them with the same brush.

Wednesday, July 03, 5: I think the thread is just discussing the dark side and not a sweeping indictment. Some are small and insignificant, but some are what I would consider more important deciding factors. Fform cannot post fotm topics in this forum. You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

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ANACI: OPM Assessment “C” – Security Clearance – Federal Soup

And if you have direct knowledge of such, report it. Also, do I have to wait to apply for another job that requires a BI?

Thursday, December 23, 4: I still haven’t heard anything official from OPM or the agency I applied at. I recently requested a copy of my investigation from OPM and have some questions regarding it’s contents and possible reciprocity. I understand that maybe the investigators are not allowed to accept documentation from the subject fform investigated.

But 799a believe that there are two sides, hopefully most will fall under the good one.

I read the report and the 79q got several facts wrong. Recently, OPM ruled that third parties are no longer allowed in subject interviews except for very specific reasons OPM cases only – other contracts still inc some third parties.

Whether there is or not a grain of truth to it. He got facts confused, did not include some at all, and included statements I didn’t make. The two contractors convicted in were discovered, investigated, then turned over to the OPM IG by our company. JPAS doesn’t show anything.

You cannot delete your posts in this forum. Also, he didn’t contact any of my personal references, and didn’t “develop” any either. I still have no idea what they based their adjudication decision on. They like major cases and will not likely benefit the whistle blower in the end and as history shows a whistle blower will probably be outed and blackballed. I do realize as close to Christmas as it is, people may be on leave.


Merry Christmas and happy holidays. As well as other questions. Is there anything I can do now such as informing applicant suitibilityor just wait for a decision to be made based on the information they have?

Personnel and Document Security – Personnel Security Bulletins

Inf on this forum have complained about waiting a long time after their case has been adjudicated to receive a copy of their report under FOIA. Apparently he assumed he understood. The other two I’m not sure, I think that siic cvs – referred means that the specific investigation has been referred to the sii or security and suitability index.

A security clearance is a inb granted to individuals allowing them access to classified information. So, I had already emailed HR and I called and left a message.

I would caution you to not try to do too much with your own case, you will have a Security Manager at the VA. Please forgive the long post; here are more details that might clear some things up: