I’ve always heard that Sanchin and Tensho are the most important katas in the Goju system (and are equally important in Kyokushin). Sanchin kata is the fundamental kata of Goju ryu and other Naha-Te karate styles . While it looks basic and simple, in reality it takes years to master. Here are. This page will help you to learn Sanchin, one of the katas used in Goju-Ryu Karate. Meaning of the Sanchin kata is “Three Battles”.

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In the Goju Ryu system of which I am most familiar, the originator or person who standardized of what became Goju Ryu karate, Chojun Miyagi made changes to sanchin kata.

It is important to have a stable posture when fighting. Miyagi took the open hands of the form and closed them to fists.

I leave no stone unturned if it can help me with my own kata. When Karate or Ti was first developed in Okinawa, it was about using technique and extraordinary power to end a fight instantly.

Sanchin & The 4 Secrets of The Skill of Strength

I am going to add this article to the page and site you. I’m hoping one day soon to make a youtube video of these ideas, but for now I’ll do the best I can by describing them verbally. However it’s my personal belief that Sanchin was created to teach basic techniques aanchin concepts to the practitioner, with strength and all of these other virtues being by-products of sqnchin practice.

Some might argue that in the case of martial arts and its forms, change is bad.

It can be described as Uchi-hachiji-dachi with one foot moved forward until the toes of the rear foot are on the same horizontal line as the heel of the front foot. The same thing applies. The inhalation phase is coordinated with the relaxed state of the body such as chambered position just prior to execution of the technique.


The sanchin kata posture is not like that of the typical Western body, with its broad shoulders and tightly strung muscles. As changes, accidental or deliberate, take place, in some instances the forms become more simplified and in others more complicated.

They can refer both to what is happening in your technique and what is happening to your opponent. I believe that Sanchin is also a complete fighting system because it transmits its own principles, which one can be extrapolated. Like I said, it was a long time ago. Other moves depend on fluidity and speed to create the power. If we always wear shoes, and drive everywhere, the feet become weak and function merely as appendages rather than full participants in the locomotion of our bodies.

Your email address will not be published. A practitioner will lose to a bigger fighter if only muscle strength is used, and not the Tanden power. While some changes are credible, e. This in turn led to mechanics aimed at generating power in a short distance, keeping the groin defended and the stance stable.

The true history of sanchin kata is lost to time.

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Sanchin – Black Belt Wiki

Some difficulty in understanding sanchin kata comes from the source of the kata. Ever done the zercher squat? The version I know is one of the southern crane variations. The respiratory technique of sanchin is how you learn to stay stable. Sancyin drills we worked on today. It is not possible for a peak performance if the mind is unstable when preparing for a fight.

Sanchin & The 4 Secrets of The Skill of Strength

Goju-Ryu states kxta it changed the breathing and the hand configuration for the health benefits. Finally, the spirit is changed when the mind comprehends what katq is truly doing with respect to fighting, the body begins to adjust to its sanchin kata structure posture, and the resulting increased power and speed begin to show themselves. This prompted tactics involving use of both hands equally to contro lthe centre line and clear defenses and strike. In Uechi-ryu and in Ryusei, the practice of Sanchin is closer to the Chinese kats with faster spear hand strikes that are more snake like.


A physique strengthened from karate is not created only from muscle strength, but from a flexible kaya tone. This is closest to the version I practise by the way being a Goju-ryu practitioner:. Of course, breathing can be done in different ways.

The Application of Power. The name Sanchin, meaning three battles, is sometimes interpreted as the battle to unify the mind, body, and spirit ; however, there are other interpretations of it, [1] and many esoteric notions with it. Sanchin is a kata of Goju-ryu.

Actually, if you have read your history, you should know that the red-light district of Naha, Okinawa, had its fair share of regular shady visits from various Karate masters. Use of this website is governed by the Terms of Use. Unless you want possible strokes, aneurisms, hernias, or blackouts… along with something painful and nasty between your butt cheeks.

They were katz made without going through a very clear process of gathering the data, analyzing the information, and then sanchhin the leap to wisdom.