Kumaon Ka Itihas” is one of popular and first book on Kumaon History & Culture. Written by famous writer and freedom fighter Badri Dutt Pandey, the book has. Kumaon Ka Itihaas (कुमाऊं का इतिहास). Product Code: Samaya Books- Badri Dutt Pandey; Availability: In Stock. Check delivery at your pincode. 0 reviews. History of Kumaun: English version of Kumaun ka itihas [Badari Datta Pande] on Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers.

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It is sure that Manaskhand written by various scholars at various periods is not part of Skandpuran. Monday, June 29, at 5: A Nanda Devi sculpture itohas by gold coins was theft from nanda Devi temple of Almora in Let me know if I can help you upload this.

Asian School, Dehradun, Uttarakhand Phone: It seems that Aipan started from Katyuri period in Kumaon.

Almoraboy’s Pensieve: Kumaon kaa itihaas (History of Kumaon)

Those representatives used to exploit Garhwal Kingdom. Hundreds of sculptures were looted by Muslim attackers and tens of sculptures were theft by smugglers. The book got very good comments from historians. Tuesday, November 27, at It seems bok lived before Monday, November 24, at 2: Therefore, it is sure that Manaskhand was created in Chand Period.

She died in Jaipur Rajasthan at the age of On 6th AprilPanchdhatu sculpture of Adityagold Janeu and silver ritual vessels were smuggled by smugglers from Bridh Jageshwar temples. There were court dancers and court musicians. Kumaon — Home of the Gods Rs. As the name suggest this pages ithas book contains all the information about the Land of Gods.


When Dr Juyal became head of itihaas, she worked hard to make the library as research oriented library. The wood crafts could also be seen on old Tibari, Chhajja, Jangla.

This books has very few copies and it is good that you are bringing it online. Monday, February 11, at 9: She took her basic education in Dehradun.

Kumaon ka Itihas

Later on she became professor at Government College Ranikhet and retired from there. The descriptions of geographical places show that the places are limited to places of Chand Kingdom. Sorry for offtopic Monday, November 9, at There are no reviews yet. Fir the object or ground is pasted by ochre and then the desired drawing is done by rice paste.

Hi prashant, its really nice to see this now, it seems to be more motivational for WWW freaks, i hope each Uttarakhandi on net wud read this, vook must read this.

The book is an encyclopedia about the tourists, pilgrims, trekkers and adventurers. He became famous at the age of thirty two. Can you please clarify? You must be logged in to post a comment.

Badri Dutt Pandey, Born on 15 Feb in Kankhal Haridwar, was a renowned freedom fighter and a much respected personality in the Himalayas. Copyright Bhishma Kukreti -bckukreti gmail.

History of Kumaon (AD) -कुमाऊं का इतिहास ( – ई. )

There are no paintings of Chand Kings and their armed or administrative ministers as found n Garhwal. There is a Paunraja sculpture made of eight metals alloy in Katarmall temple. Hiramani copied Usharagodiya Natika itijas in Kumaon. Aipan is classic example of art of Kumaon.

Add your review Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. The book in itself is considered to be one of the most popular book to be written about the Kumaon hills and its first version was published in so it basically have the history before that period the book has been republished by Shyam Prakashan and carries some of the finest example of the use of Hindi language.


Gorkhas were eager to spread their rule to North India. The book has detailed information about all the places of the Kumaun Himalayas and specially the Jim Corbett National park.

Afterward, She also arranged two more History Exhibitions in Nainital. I will be grateful if you can send a communication after completion of upload of this book in this site.

Dr Jayal Juyal initiated research in Kumaon and found many new unknown aspects of Kumaon archeology and history of Kumaon. I was searching online edition of this book for last year. Lakshmidhar settled in Kashi. Great work, great site! She also initiated to have history exhibition in Nainital and it was a successful history exhibition.

Great work, if u need any kind of help do let me know The sculpture is supposed to be established by Purushottam Singh in twelfth century. He built an entertainment building too.

Hi divs, Wow, saraswati bua also found my blog? She was born after her parents returned from Shakmbhari Temple pilgrim, Saharanpur and they named her as Shakambhari.