Title, In Pursuit of Gold: Alchemy in Theory and Practice. Authors, Lapidus, Stephen Skinner. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, Spearman, ISBN, LAPIDUS. In Pursuit i of Gold Alchemy in. Theory and Practice Additions and .. In Pursuit of Gold the readers nowhere. why should nature stop at metals?. Is`s a few time ago, when I have studied “In pursuit of Gold” by Lapidus (Stephen Skinner). After an intensive reading of the book (three or more.

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Rabindranath Tagore Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature. Indeed, what has salt, sulphur and mercury, the three principles of the art, to do with religion or spiritual thought? Many godfearing men, who had nothing to gain by deception, testified on their death-beds to the truth of alchemy.

John Banner rated it liked it Feb 26, It is well known that the art has been equated with religious or psychological ideas by some people who have failed to understand the treatises, and still persist in trying to read these meanings into the writings.

In Pursuit of Gold: Alchemy Today in Theory and Practice by Gail Warshofsky Lapidus

Other less helpful works will be ignored to avoid confusing the student. To ask lapivus readers questions about In Pursuit of Goldplease sign up. It is proposed to examine only a few treatises, those which are the most lucid, sincere and genuine. The treatises are full of stumbling blocks, blinds, misleading statements, important keys left out and lies put in: They are compared to two serpents, the fixed substance to a serpent without wings, and the volatile substance to a serpent with wings.

In Pursuit of Gold – Alchemy in Theory and Practice – 1

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. They were lapiddus often in Latin by masters who asserted they had themselves completed the work. Tara Lindsey added it Jan 15, In Pursuit of Gold: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The Secrets of Antimony 6. For every agent has a tendency to assimilate to itself that which it acts upon, and every natural effect is conformed to the nature of the efficient; hence water is necessary if you would extract water from earth.


Understand then that the alchemist takes four mercurial substances, namely four metals, as these are all alleged to have mercury as their base, and he reduces them to their two fundamental principles.

Following from this alchemical axiom was the idea that everything living consisted of earth and water. Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature. Here you are presented with the first great secret and problem.

Alchemy texts archives – Lapidus

Thus cold and heat are brought to dwell peaceably together in the dryness of the earth, and the dryness and the moisture in the coldness of the water. Be ready therefore to recognize this pair whenever they are met with in alchemical literature.

Ana marked it as to-read Jan 06, A reproach is sometimes levelled at our art, as though it claimed the power of creating gold; every attentive reader will know that it only arrogates to itself the power of developing through the removal of all defects and superfluities, od golden nature, which the baser metals possess in common with that highly digested metalline substance. Modern science has not yet reached the state of all knowledge, and those secrets of nature that are known are indeed still a very minute part of the whole.

For as a lion is always born of a lion and a man of a man, so all things owe their birth to that which they are like. The Journey through the Twelve Gates 9.

Sulphur and Salt Trivia About In Pursuit of Gol One serpent holds in his mouth the tail of the other, to show that they are indissolubly conjoined by community of birth and destiny, and that our art is accomplished by the joint working of this mercurial sulphur, and sulphureous mercury. They also wrote that, because of its simplicity, fools would ridicule the art, were the materials and processes to become known.

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Human greed has always been a deterrent against open declarations of success in the art, and therefore the philosophers thought it best either to remain silent, which many did, or else record their knowledge in the curious symbolic forms which each decided for himself; and what a chaos and babel has ensued from all these treatises!

Thus, for the present the secrets are concealed, but not irretrievably lost.

For example, their fairly primitive furnaces which were heated with charcoal, wood, and less savoury fuels, were difficult to control at a constant temperature over long periods of time, whereas our modern thermostatically controlled hot-plates are able to carry on this task continuously without some one constantly in attendance.

It may possibly be conjectured that this is how the unfortunate Incas of Peru produced such great quantities of gold; or again it may be hazarded that from the same source came the gold with which King Solomon decorated his temple so lavishly in biblical times.

In Pursuit of Gold: Alchemy Today in Theory and Practice

The Use of the Stone Perhaps it would help to recapitulate what has been said in the above work. Calcination is the first purgation of the stone, the drying up of its humours, through its natural heat, which is stirred into vital action by the eternal heat of water, whereby the compound is converted into a black powder, which is lapiduw unctuous and retains its radical humour. It is the intention of this book to raise the aura of complexity from alchemical writings, and once again restore the interest of enterprising minds in the subject.