LIZARDMEN WARBAND. By Tommy “Punk” Fransson. “Although the temple city is a ruin and the vaults of the Old Ones have been sealed there is no telling. Product Description. Sculpted by Faron Betchley, the lizardman warband is ready to defend their swampy homes from any intruders. Each pack comes with cruit and equip your initial Warband. The maximum number of warriors in the warband may never exceed Heroes. Skink Priest: Each Lizardmen warband.

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Tales from the Maelstrom: Lizardmen warband

Shield attack can be used with a sword, mace, axe or spear in the second hand. Invoking the power of Huanchi the jaguar god of earth awrband night the natural stealth abilities of the skinks is enhanced to the maximum. Saurus can never receive Academic skills and can never use missile weapons. Huanchi 10 gc Those blessed by master of stealth bear no distinctive mark. Their skin is darker than normal Skinks so they blend in with the jungle, they also wear leaves or cover themselves in mud to further blend in.

Blessing of the crested god Warbxnd gives the lizardmen increased speed and agility.

Lizardmen Mordheim Warband

Javelins are throwing spears used frequently by skink hunters. I’ll base the lizardmen on the warband found in the Lustria: Pretty, a subdued but still exotic scheme.

Your Warband must include a minimum of 3 models and a maximum of 20 models. I prefer them on round bases, just lixardmen so much better than square on an individual basis.

These exceptional individuals are given the task of guarding the skink priest on his dangerous journeys.

As a group, we haven’t played Mordhiem properly, though we’ve all played it elsewhere over the years. It cannot be bought later. You have gold crowns or the lizardmen equivalent to recruit your initial warband. Lozardmen model suffers a -2 WS penalty in hand to hand combat, but still may shoot normally.

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I’m happy to play Warhammer and similar games with everything ranked up neat and tidy, but as smaller games need less miniatures I quite enjoy having a separate set, with more time invested in each model. An old school sci-fi and fantasy wargaming lizagdmen.

Rules for lizardmen warbands in Mordheim beta 1

The Skink Priests are easily recognizable as they paint their skins black, and then add further paint to form the colourful mystic symbols associated with their god. Lizardmen equipment list Saurus equipment list Hand to hand Combat Weapons dagger The spell may be cast on a single model within 6″ of the skink priest or on himself. They can hide after their movement even if they ran in the movement phase but only if they started the movement hidden.

For the time being its sufficent to send in small scout parties to attack plunderers that come too close to the vaults.

Kroxigor is warbad from the kroxigor equipment list Special rules: Those blessed by master of wqrband bear no distinctive mark. This shield is full of spikes and sharp edges, Saurus using spiked shield for predatory fighting use edged weapons critical injuries table.

This spell remains in play until the skink priest is taken out of action. The power of the old one Tzunki fills the body of a chosen lizardman and increases his martial proves. If there are no Skinks in base contact the Kroxigor will charge or run toward the nearest visible enemy model. The Skink Priest is the leader of the Warband and any Lizardmen within 6″ may use his L eadership characteristic for any Leadership test. Nobody can resist his attack. Kroxigor armour – light armour for kroxigor is huge and so costs 40 gc even when buying it from the equipment chart Do not like that food — lizadmen have no use for halfling cookbook Choice of warriors A lizardmen warband must include a minimum of three models.


The Skink priest may be equipped from the Braves Equipment list. Kroxigor is equipped from the kroxigor equipment list. Priests of Chotec for instance have winged serpents drawn upon their bodies, whilst those of Sotek use snake motifs.

Saurus have thick, horny, scaly hide which protects them as natural armour. Although they wzrband strong and used in constructions they need to be goaded by the nimble Skinks. Saurus warriors may buy dark venom and black lotus and use it on their close combat weapons as normal, but they have to purchase it as normal from the trading chart. Skinks are experts at extracting poisons from poisonous frogs, spiders and snakes. This power can be used only on rolls directly affecting the character including one dice of 2 d6 or 3 d6 rolls and including route tests.

Yellow marked persons are the chosen of cold Tlazcotl. Cities of Gold Mordhiem setting published in Town Cryer magazineand the Pirates on the warband published in Town Cryer 6 I thinkwith a load more Indiana Jones-style hazard added in. DoomOnYou 29 December at Newer Post Older Post Home.

They function as scouts and patrol the jungles and return with an early report of the arrival of a new ship laden with plunderers. Infiltration – as skaven skill of the same name.